The importance of using a countdown in the e-commerce web sites

Using a countdown on its e commerce site is not a widespread practice in France. Yet, it has proven itself in many countries. We explain why and how to set it up. In order to know more about the Business Hour Countdown, you may always check the official web sites. While there are many techniques to play on the ‘sense of urgency’, one of them stands out for its efficiency and versatility. This is the countdown. Here’s how to use it to boost your online conversions. Oh no, there is only one hour left to order this superb jeans on sale. Neither one nor two, I leave my blue card and I order. It’s happened to you already, right? Without this information, you would probably have thought much more.  Do I really need these jeans? But here it is different and you must act quickly if you want it at half price. Come on, we crack! Yes, we all know this sense of urgency, since we have already experienced it.

Why use a countdown?

It’s psychological, seeing numbers scroll at full speed pushes us to make a decision faster, because it materializes the notion of time passing. Many messages lend themselves to the use of a countdown announcement of a promotional period, time remaining before the beginning or the end of the sales, indication of the time to benefit from the express delivery, etc.

How to set up a countdown?

Let’s start with the key element a countdown, like all methods involving a sense of urgency, must ALWAYS bring useful information to customers. For example, “if you order within the next 4 hours, you will be delivered tomorrow”. The countdown can thus find its place on all the pages of your site, as well as in your emails, all depends on the information which you wish to deliver to your customers.

Delivery the next day

Take the example of Amazon. They understood that delivery times were an important argument in decision making. Who does not wish to enjoy his new purchase the next day? Express delivery initially boosts sales. For even more efficiency, pair it with a countdown timer indicating the time remaining to be delivered the next day.

Limited offers

There is a section “promo of the day”. And as its name suggests, articles are only available on one day. To play on the effect of scarcity and the fear of missing out on a good deal, the site displays a countdown that announces the end of the promotion.

Expired basket

It is possible to use a countdown after a product has been put on the cart and to indicate the time remaining before it expires. But be careful, it is recommended only in case you have very limited stocks. Like these designer boots at a broken price, for example.

Reminder of offers

Your customer has abandoned his basket? Do not panic send him a reminder email to remind him to book his vacation. And beware, “the fees are offered” for a limited period of time. The countdown will once again play on the sense of urgency by reminding customers that the offer is not eternal, and that they must hurry to book if they want to enjoy it.

Special event

Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or the release of your new collection, you can set up a countdown. For an event such as Christmas, let your visitors know how many hours they have left to order to receive the gift on time.

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The automotive potential

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