You can buy good quality waste from large companies

You can obtain approximately 60 percent of profits, while from the business with the small workshops and you can earn 20 percent and only ten percent of the scrap generated by households.

The automotive potential

In addition to metals, there is great economic and ecological potential in the reuse of materials and components such as engines, gearboxes, mirrors, tires, exhaust, oils, filters, batteries and fuels.

According to the professional scrappers only three percent of the vehicles are manufactured with pieces that can later be recycled. In particular, only the Smart model (Mercedes Benz Swatch) is built in this way.

The attractions of car turned scrap metals in western territories

In countries like the western territory, Japan and those that make up the European Union, businessmen have discovered the multiple attractions of a car turned into scrap metal. Only in Europe does vehicle recycling move about 18,650 million euros (similar figure in dollars) and, for the most part, small and medium sized companies are responsible for making the most of up to 80 percent of the parts of a car. To know more about famous for used scrap metals, seek help online.

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Seeking help online

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