What is signage?

Signage is a graphic presentation of information. It is used for identification, promotion, and conveying direction and information to the masses. We come across signages everyday in our life, we see them on the streets in the form of direction and advertisements, we see them in hospitals, we see them outside our favorite cafes or restaurants promoting deals and discounts, we see them almost everywhere. The power and influence of signage are great as it uses symbols most straightforwardly. However, sometimes it adds rhetoric and enticement in certain cases such as in advertisements and promotional material. You can design your own signage if you want or you can hire some agency such as Creative Sign which is a reputbale signage company in singapore.

The following are some areas where signages are frequently employed.

Advertising & Marketing

Signages are employed the most in advertising and marketing campaigns. As mentioned already, they are a graphic presentation of information and because signages use crisp language and clever symbols, it is easier for the audience to understand and retain the information. 

For alluring Customers

The intention behind the signages made for advertising and marketing is to allure customers. For example, the graphics you see outside your favorite cafes or the malls you buy your clothes, communicating discount deals that are supposed to tempt you to purchase and invest. Social media marketing employs such types of signages heavily.


Signages are also used for the identification of brands such as the red and yellow small cased alphabet m of the McDonalds. The signs that tell you the separate restrooms for males and females are also part of the identification aspect of the signages. Signages of a brand make it easy for people to identify their outlets and potential franchises.

For Directions

Signages are employed predominantly for directions. The second you come out of your house and into the main street, the signages conveying directional information will never cease even if you fly to a different country. The signages that tell of the speed limit, type of roads, distance indicators are just the tip of the iceberg as they are in a great many numbers on the roadways.

Health & Safety

The walls and doors of hospitals are full of informational signages displaying the proper ways of handwashing, diagrams of the development of the embryo, etc. The sign ‘red cross’ indicating hospital is another popularly used signage referring to the noun, hospital.